February 26, 2011

Here is a special short sneak preview of a story from the time after Bekka’s duties as chronicler have been passed on to a girl who arrived on Boad from Earth. She is called Plumly. That isn’t her pictured below. That is the relentlessly happy Quingcess Blosso.

I couldn’t ask her questions because there wasn’t any room to interrupt. I mean, she talked, talked, talked. She was super fizzed. Fizzed is what they call excited on this world. I’m sure I’ve written that before. Fizzed is excited. Excited is fizzed.

“I like vests. Don’t you? We should trade. Call me Blosso, please, not Blossom. I don’t like names with ‘m’. That’s why I’ll call you Ploo, not Plumly. I am almost 8 bar years. How many are you? Isn’t it good to fly in a bubble, Ploo? I’m very happy right now. Are you? Do you think there’ll be a dragon? I hope there’ll be a dragon. Bekka said there’d be a dragon. How long to Nizz? I’ve never been there or to Farl of course because you just fixed them, didn’t you? Ha. How did you do it? Restore them. With waterwizards, everybody said. Which ones? It must have been fun, I bet. You’re a really good singer, too. I liked that concert. You can teach me to sing. I like this. Isn’t it good? It’s very good. I like to learn things. I polish the jewels on the Gem Studded Pod. I’m allowed. Look over there. What kind of a tree is that? Isn’t it nice? Do you like nice things? I do.”

All I could do was nod, smile, or open my mouth and not have time to answer her thousands of questions. She did jolt me some, though. Ploo? Dragon? The witch hadn’t told me anything about a dragon. Well, so, Blosso just flowed on until she said, “Unbraid my hair, Ploo. I’m going to take a nap now. I like naps. Don’t you, Ploo?”

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