April 24, 2011

Pink windwhirls play prominent parts in 2 chronicles, Harpo’s THE WELL OF SHELLS and Bekka’s THE BLUE HILLS. Below the sketch is a description taken from Harpo’s THE WELL OF SHELLS. It tells of the windwhirl’s first appearance before a pair of witchlet sisters.

A spatter rattle drumming of hail sounded on the chack branch roof. Simmering Jam Hatrack was a lumpy mound of fear cowering on the grass under her blackest purple cloak. Babbling Jam Hatrack’s lilac jaw was dropped in fine grained awe, and she stared amazed at the pink windwhirl spinning circles around and between the fire white trunks of the chack trees. It zizzed with whooooshing before bending awobble and shooting forward to writhe in front of the witchlet sisters. The rattle drumming of hail died away. The whooooshing of the windwhirl did not. A voice. What? The whooooshing was a windy voice.

“ssssssssshhhhhhhnow the sisters have arrivedsssssshhhhhh,” hiss whispered the windwhirl. “ssswhissshhhooooooo.”

“It’s walking about us,” said Babbling Jam Hatrack to her trembling cloak covered mound of sister.

“Talking, talking, tuh, tuh, tuh,” responded Simmering Jam Hatrack, and she risked a peek from under her cloak. Not taking her eyes from the windwhirl for even the thinnest of ninces, she maneuvered herself low on the grass, scuttling, until she succeeded in getting her sister directly between her and the thing. The thing is what Simmering Jam Hatrack called the pink windwhirl in her very own cluttered and fearstricken mind.

The windwhirl whooooshed, and from out of its spin flew a pair of training brooms. Training brooms? Witchly brooms, only smaller. They bounced chappa on the ground and rested. Greed overcame fear, and Simmering Jam Hatrack pounced on the brooms, taking emphatic possession of them. Intently she examined them, running them inchly by the spectacles perched on her pasty gray green nose. She measured length, compared smoothness, ease of bend, quality of straw. She hugged the slightly longer, smoother, more flexible training broom to her chest and kicked the other one away.

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