November 16, 2010

Here is a very short sneak peek at the second Bekka chronicle, The Carven Flute. It will be coming soon from Wild Child Publishing.

Many were the mornings I listened content to the Gwer drollek story of the Carven Flute. Gwer drollek is how we bendo dreen say Once Upon A Time. Such is so, a truth. Once Upon A Time stories are the most important of the bendo dreen tales. Bendo dreen is what we call ourselves. In the language from the world down the Well – perhaps yours? – we are bramble dwarves. We dwell in the boundary hedge on the edge of the Woeful Wanderers’ Wasteland by the Boad, all Fidd and Leee Combined, where I, Bekka of Thorns, have earned the title of Chronicler. Thus and so, I write in purple ink on oat parchment paper this new tale of Jo Bree, the Carven Flute. The old time Gwer drollek story of Jo Bree thrilled us. We never tired of its wrinkles and thrusts. My best friend Kar and I ever hung entranced at the troubles and adventures of the lavender witch and her evil sister in the Chack Tree Forest and at the Falls of Horn and in the Meadow of Shells where the Well was formed. Such is why it shocked us to discover the story’s ending was a warm deception, so such a specially woven patterned carpet to cover a fearsome truth. The flute was not stolen, as ever we had heard in the story. No. Something other happened. Such. Now I write the truth in the strange language from the world down the Well. The beginning is the best place to start.

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