April 10, 2019

When the itinerant peddler chanced to encounter an enchanted barrier of lavender blooms deep in the forest, he proceeded cautiously, but not cautiously enough. No trace of him remained.

The peddler’s wife, alarmed when her good husband failed to return home, searched the woods for days. At last, she stumbled into the presence of the enchanted lavender barrier. More cautious than her good husband, she paused and sat down to think.

“If, strange and beautiful barrier, you are enchanted as I believe you are, you will grant me one wish,” said the peddler’s wife.

“You are observant and thoughtful,” said the barrier. “State your desire.”

“Return to me my husband fully as merry as always he was,” said Gerda, the wife.

No sooner said than done. The barrier disappeared. The good husband stood baffled, but merry. The pair returned home and lived happily ever after.

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