March 15, 2019

Middle grade work-in-progress, Ember, introduces its villain:

Jeth is smooth. Smooth and round. Covered with a fine white fur of grass, it circles the world of Boad. It is a moon. A silent grassy moon. Minutes before Ember awoke and moved from Sadlar to The Rainbow Giants, a hungry secret appeared deep down in the center of Jeth, the silent moon. The hollow center. A hungry secret. The hollow center glowed red. A creature sat planning in the red glowing hollow. The Beast with Five Eyes planned while blinking each of its five bright shining eyes in turn. Blink. Eyes.

fiery savage red eye

heartless golden eye

evil green eye

turbulent stormy gray eye

icy cold white eye

The Beast was a strange gigantic red toad with a crest of black spines running from above its center icy cold white eye back over its lumped head to end between the evil green eye and the heartless golden eye. Toad with a tail it was. A long lashing tail ending in two short sharp poison barbs. Tail. Barbs. Poison. The Beast wandered galaxies. The Beast consumed worlds. The gigantic red toad hungered. Mog, World Eater. Gigantic red toad. Beast with Five Eyes.

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