March 7, 2011

I want to introduce you to some of the supporting characters swimming, flying, hopping, or strolling around in the many chronicles. Below is Shaaaa, a sort of serpent called a beddysnake appearing in Avado, a  story written by the first chronicler, Harpo.

Muck? Yes, the ramble roaming weaver tailor was seated there in a swampy munge, a marsh. A flat span of murky water and clumped reeds and wet tanglegrass surrounded him. Under the low ceiling of the Evermist, there was a clarity of view. Marsh marching all around off into the distance. He noticed a supple ripple approaching through the murky water, twining its velvety way under droopy reeds. He stood up, ankle deep in the slunge, weighing whether or not he should chant invisible or maybe, just maybe …

“Beddysnake?” he asked the approaching ripple in a doubtful, hopeful way.

A snaky head popped above the water. Four elegant slender green tongues flicked. Round yellow eyes hearted black. Sleek, long and wet, the serpent threaded its crimson body through the reeds.

“Shaaaa,” whissshed the snake.

“Shaaaa?” said Softnest, gripping his chobic emerald.

“I am Shaaaa, the Beddysnake of Evermist Marsh. Shaaaa ashaaa. Ye are the protection. Sha ashashaa. Have ye brought her?” asked the Beddysnake.

“I … She … I instructed her in the use of the cloak. She is swimming down from the sky right now. I was … guarding her pack. I … brought it for her,” lied Nesty, making up things as fast as he could and hoping they were believable.

“Ashaaa, shaaash. Go then. Be off. Why have ye turned to visible?” hissed the Beddysnake.

“I thought … you needed to see me,” stammered Nesty.

“Lackwit! I am Shaaaa, the Beddysnake of Evermist Marsh! I can see ye, visible or no! Ashaaaa, ashaaa, shaaa. Away with haste before the Image captures ye with her untouched eyes. Would ye risk the success of Prophesy? Shaaaaaaa,” menaced Shaaaa, her blackhearted yellow eyes flashing.

Quickly muttering the chant of invisibility while balancing the chobic emerald in proper position on the tips of his fingers, Softnest Clifftumble faded clear and flew up into the Evermist, passing Avado, who was kicking her way down with oatworthy determination.

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