March 31, 2011

Maz of the East, a Rumin dragonwing, appears in one chronicle, WOEFUL WANDERERS’ WASTELAND. Her entrance into the story is recorded below.

A storm of dragonwings whirred above Bodgy and Blinky. Fat. Short. Tall. Thin. Some wore sleeved tunics and leggers. Others were clothed in leggers and vests. Emerald green and flapping, they rained onto the buttergold platform. They surrounded Bodgy and Blinky. When the platform had not another square inch to spare, more and more dragonwings came and landed on ledges high around the cavern’s walls. Soon all the ledges crawled with dragonwings, and the wings of the dragonwings were folded away. Every ash blue eye in every emerald green face turned to the buttergold platform. Latecomers, failing to find a high ledge perch, reluctantly settled on the heaps of gold and tried to see around the tall mirrors. Emerald green fingers pulled fitfully on wispy green beards. Silence began its descent. “I want to see the carrot!” “Shhhhhh!” Silence. A single latecomer fluttered to rest on a heap of gold. “Sorry,” she said. Silence. The oldest dragonwing on the platform worked her way toward Bodgy and Blinky. She nudged and shoved, and a path was cleared. She scanned Bodgy, head to toe, and meanwhile stroked her wispy green beard. She nodded a nod and turned to Blinky. She cocked her head so far to the right that her gold hoop earring touched her emerald green shoulder. She nodded again. She continued to stroke her beard in thought. Bodgy opened her mouth to speak when the old dragonwing beat her to it.

“It is the silver jacket!” she cried out in a voice that carried to every ledge and echoed resounding. A murmur rose until she raised her hand to quell it. “I will talk to the carrothead.”

“I aren’t the carrothead! I are … Bodgy of Thornses, and I has the silver jacket!” said Bodgy, not really knowing what that meant, but sensing it might mean something good for her. “And I has brought your Blinky Greenwing back!”

The old dragonwing sadly shook her head. She raised her ash blue eyes and looked long into Bodgy’s chalky yellows. She shook her head again, and sighed as she brought her focus over to Blinky, whose head held so many jumbled thoughts he couldn’t catch hold of a single one.

“Yes, I fear it is true,” she said.

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