June 5, 2011

Fleckrunners appear as supporting characters in tales told by all the chroniclers – Harpo, Lace, Bekka and Plumly. They are Blossom Castle dwellers and tend the gate. Their general disposition is described below by Lace in her chronicle, O’TAN’S GATE. A certain mystery about them is revealed much later in the same story.

The Quing, all magnificence in her battered gold array, high on the topmost terrace, stood on the loftiest stone step in front of the Goldsilver Door of the Gem Studded Pod. The Quang, a Royal sight in his pummeled silver garb, was beside her. They were posed to wait for the Concert. Zhodor the crump, head spinning, face and face, arms waving and pointing, conducted the preparations from the third terrace Carven Dragon Fountain, the one planted next to the path twining up and up the terraces. The Royal shout of the Quing doubled the bustle frenzy. Tripled it! Stonejagglers, leaftrimmers, soilsweeps, waterdrippers, weeders and tenders by the bevy boiled over the terraces, polishing, snipping, dripping, sweeping. Fair and true, it must be noted as boldest contrast that fleckrunners yawned and leaned against convenient walls. One of them leaning against the whitest door behind us idly examined the back of her ash green hand. Her eyes were half closed, a picture of boredom made complete when she yawned, something fleckrunners did far more than often. Didn’t they get enough sleep? Dosh, beside me, appeared to be whelmed by the crash of activity, noise and color. The riots of flowers flooding the terraces and the thick tangles of rainbow ivy climbing the Blossom Castle walls and towers were enough to whelm any creature.


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