July 7, 2011

The second chronicler was a roamer maiden, Fuzzybug Lacejacket, Lace for short.

She was sent by the lavender witch to Harpo’s home by the Well of Shells to be his scribe after he had gone blind. Harpo dictated four chronicles to her, and she could not keep herself from adding little comments of her own. She questioned some of Harpo’s constant angling for a joke. For instance, throughout his stories Harpo always called the lavender witch Babbling Jam Hatrack. Lace, knowing the witch was in plain fact Babba Ja Harick, didn’t refrain from commenting. Though she didn’t change Harpo’s words, she added her own as footnotes of a sort. Lace’s voice is more straightforward and less playful than Harpo’s. Three of her five chronicles are personal memoirs, much like Bekka’s. Lace was the first chronicler to travel a portal to Earth and return to Boad. Will Bekka be the second to do so?

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