September 26, 2011

Jane Horrocks

The Lavender Witch

A long time ago when the very first characters from the world of Boad (It was called Fiddleebod or Fiddleeebod then) began appearing in my head, the good witch squinted at me from the unnamed little group. I knew she was muddled and would have trouble turning her thoughts into words. How did I know this? I already had an example right in front of me, taken from the British TV comedy series, Absolutely Fabulous. The delightful character of Bubble was played by the talented entertainer, Jane Horrocks. Bubble. Jane. Horrocks. Babbling Jam Hatrack. There it was, the name my first narrator, Harpo, gave to the good witch. Much later, when Harpo went blind and needed an assistant to be his scribe, that assistant, Lace, revealed to us the witch’s true name, Babba Ja Harick.

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