June 29, 2013

2013-06-27 18.06.30

Those are miffens. Yes, I know they look like cats, but if the painting revealed the rest of their bodies, you’d notice right away how extremely not cats they are. For one thing, their bodies are limbless and shaped like plump globes. For another, they float above ground. Most miffens are herders tending to flocks of fleece. But these two here are Royal pets. That gray hand reaching out to touch the green miffen belongs to Malvina Spurl, a chalky gray elf who married into Royalty and gave birth to the famous and wild Triplet Princesses Three. These two miffens, Satin on the left, Mint on the right, are huge in comparison to the common herd miffen. Herd miffens are the size of a muffin, sort of like a kitten, float and dart swiftly in the air. These Royal pets, in contrast, tend to hang in one place, usually near food.

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