June 13, 2010

This is Queen Amzo of Clover. Her story is an early one and not fully known by Bekka and Karro. However, they know very well the story of Amzo’s daughter.

Here is Amzo’s daughter, Queen Lorelei Lo of Fiddleeebod Castle. That she was raised underground in a Dragon’s lair is quite a favorite tale of the bendo dreen friends, Bek and Kar. Lorelei Lo’s daughter is the most storied Royal of them all. She plays a prominent part in several Gwer drollek (Once upon a time) stories. For bendo dreen like Bek and Kar, Gwer drollek stories are the most delicious tales.

And here is Lorelei Lo’s daughter, Lovey, the Princess With the Lovely Foot. Later, she becomes Queeen, the first with 3 ‘e’s instead of 2. Bek and Kar enjoy acting out the story of when time and the weather went wild and had to be repaired by a band of four, one of whom was Lovey.

And yes, here is Ancient Queeen Lovey, still important, still a part of the Gwer drollek tales, several generations removed from her youth.

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