January 18, 2011

A blurb is the short publicity notice on a book jacket. Below is a working model of the blurb for the soon to be available second Bekka chronicle, ‘The Carven Flute’.

The Carven Flute unmasks previously unknown truths about a pair of legends, one from another world, one from this one.  Bekka of Thorns and her shapeshifter best friend Kar, creatures of the other world, set off to break through a magic Barrier and to interview Babba Ja Harick, the immortal lavender witch, concerning the true fate of the Carven Flute, otherwise known as Jo Bree.  On doing so, they hear from Babba Ja Harick’s lips the real story of what happened to her sister Semma, who deep in the past fled down the Well of Shells to the strange world of Earth and built a gingerbread house in a wood where she later became legend after an encounter with a pair of children.  After hearing this story, the youthful pair quest to find the Carven Flute, and Bekka of Thorns, especially chosen for the task, uses it to reopen the portals between the two worlds, portals which had been sealed for eons.

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