May 1, 2011

In FAN WA, Harpo’s first chronicle, the Lord High Dulcimer plays an active supporting part. As Lovey, the Princess With The Lovely Foot, gives her blessing to Gorge, the 3-toed troll, the Lord High Dulcimer demonstrates his role in the excerpt below.

The Princess advanced, hop, hop, hop, her head held high and her eyebrows, too. Admiring murmurs followed her.

“How she does hop!”

“What spring! It’s flat down inspirational!”

“You’re right. You are so right that you are 100% correct!”

Gorge raised himself from the throne, a bit reluctantly, I must admit, and stepped to one side. Babbling Jam Hatrack nodded and crinkled. That’s how she smiled. By crinkling. She stood at the other side of the throne. The Lord High Dulcimer, meanwhile, began to bustle, one of his best talents. There were two steps up to the throne and he was up them, down them, bowing, scraping, making sweeping gestures, first with his right hand, then with his left hand. He gave his fingers a little flutter wave at the end of each sweep. The Princess arrived at the steps and hopped a mighty hop, not only clearing both steps, but landing standing poised bangbo center on the seat of the throne. A loud cheering erupted, followed by clapping and continued murmuring.

“What a leap!”

“What grace!”

“What elegance!”

“And only sixteen years old.”

“Are we lucky Fiddleeebodlians or what?”

The Princess With The Lovely Foot lowered herself to sit, and when she did, she folded her lovely foot clad in its rainbow scarf under her hopping leg, as was her custom. She allowed her eyebrows to drop a bit, too, and spoke.

“Citizens of Fiddleeebod,” she said calmly, and did she stifle a yawn? She was more than used to public speaking. The Lord High Dulcimer dragged her daily here or there to say something or something other. He always wrote it down for her, and she was an excellent reader. At hopping OR reading, nobody could touch her. She had nothing to read at the moment, but her memory was good enough to remember what she had to say.

“Bless the troll,” she said and made a little Princess wave at him with her little Princess hand.

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