August 17, 2011
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The creator of Oz, L. Frank Baum, greatly influenced me in my approach to writing The Bekka Chronicles. As a child I read all of them, dreaming myself into Oz. Mr. Baum’s tales share characters from one story to the next, and yet each book is complete in itself with a beginning, middle and end. That, too, has been my approach on the world of Boad. THE WOODLOCK, the latest of my stories, features Delia Branch as the title character. She appears as a minor player in some of my other stories. In fact, Bekka of Thorns, the narrative voice of The Bekka Chronicles, emerged long ago when I invented the hedge-dwelling bendo dreen to occupy a place near the Well of Shells. With the publication of THE WOODLOCK, there are now 27 stories of Boad left waiting in line to be heard. I’m waiting for somebody else on the world of Boad to jump into my head and demand to be the 28th story in line.

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