May 12, 2013

edward lear

Had Mother’s Day been around and about in the 1800s, Edward Lear would have had to compose 2 loving limericks to celebrate the day. For you see, Edward was the 20th child born to Ann and Jeremiah Lear. Yes, you heard that right. And yes, that’s Ann #1. Ann #2 was Edward’s eldest sister, 21 years his senior. Owing to understandable family hardships, when Edward was four years of age, he moved with his sister Ann into a separate domicile, where he was doted upon by said sister for the rest of her life. So:

A pair of Anns had Edward Lear

from infancy on to help him rear.

His Ma, quite tired,

and his sis, more wired,

both helped to shape their Eddie dear.

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