May 19, 2014


The goat flew to the top of the tallest tree and perched there.

“Here now, come down this instant! You can’t fly!” shouted the goatherd, flinging his hat to the ground.

“I can’t?” said the goat.

“Of course not. You have no wings!” screamed the goatherd, dancing about as if he had a thousand bees in his pants.

“I don’t?” said the goat.

“And you can’t talk either!” shrieked the goatherd, tearing at his hair.

“According to you, I can’t fly and have no wings and can’t talk. Fancy that,” said the goat.

That said, the goat sailed off into the sky, leaving behind one seriously disturbed goatherd.

Moral: Before you count your chickens, make sure they aren’t flying goats.

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