May 28, 2014


The frog king and queen lived quite happily in, on and under the garden green. For you see, they possessed everything their hearts desired and some bonus added extras. Years and years of collecting here, there and all about and around had filled bowers in the garden and caverns underneath it with more than too much dazzling treasure. There were jam jars, bowling pins, a wind-up toy in the shape of something horrid, bus tokens from the distant city, broken microphones, poker chips, and more and more and on and on.

‘Oh, what will she bring? I can hardly stand to wait,’ said the frog queen.

The royal pair sat on a bench in the garden. They expected the sorceress to arrive at any moment. The welcome lamp was lit.

‘She’ll bring what she’ll bring, my dear, something glorious to add to our collection, I believe,’ said the frog king.

And then, fraff, the sorceress appeared in all of her red satin sorceric splendor. She held a small something in her outstretched hand. She smiled her best smile, the one that deepened the dimples in her cheeks and crinkled the outermost corners of her merry green eyes.

The frog king and the frog queen gasped.

‘Can it be?’ they said in unison.

The sorceress nodded yes and placed a tiny ballerina into their grasping froggy fingers. From that day forth, the frog king and the frog queen and the tiny ballerina danced happily ever after in, on and under the garden green.

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