May 31, 2014

magic wand

The Magic Wand removed the tamale pie, sizzling in its ruddy earthenware casserole, from the oven. She placed it on her favorite potholder in the center of the sturdy table, and admired the golden glaze of the cornmeal topping.
“Kids! Dinner!” she called.
“I don’t want any! I ate two bags of chocolate chips today, so I can’t eat again until Thursday! Leave me alone!” came from off in one direction.
“I smell tamale pie! I hate tamale pie! You know I only eat candy corn and honey!” came from off in another direction.
“Good. All for me then,” muttered the Wand of Life, and she tapped the table, sending sparkle spangles whooshing around in a whirl.
The casserole gleamed dull empty, licked clean.

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