September 15, 2014


A is for Brian, a very good student

B is for Karen, stung several times

C is for Juan, always agreeable

D is for Jamie, in Glasgow passed on

E is for Alice, afraid of mice

F is for Ken, a quite stupid fellow

G is for Timmy, who turned his horse right

H is for Melvin, who set up the goalposts

I is for Pascual, his vision is legend

J is for Kurt, an avid birdwatcher

K is for Doug, who always strikes out

L is for Annie, the Cockney sinner

M is for Phyllis, baker of cakes

N is for Bruno, nimble-fingered typesetter

O is for Corliss, who accepts all explanations

P is for Melody, with her very small bladder

Q is for Alabama Jumbo Jake, a noted pool hustler

R is for Gilles, the famous French pirate

S is for Midori, who won the slalom

T is for Boris, who brought the samovar

U is for me, from your point of view

V is for Hans, who has ways to make you talk

W is for Tish and Tosh, the two-headed sheep

X is for Edwina, passed out drunk

Y is for Alvin, inquisitive toddler

Z is for Rolph, asleep at the switch

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