December 1, 2014


Agnes never smiled. She was dutiful and worked at learning her sums and important dates in history. When instructed to do so, she practiced the piano without complaint. She allowed them to take her to the park every day, where she walked slowly until time enough had passed, and she was led home. They wondered why she spent all of her free time sitting on a chair with her arms folded and staring out the window. Some said it would be nice if just once she would dance about in a rage and fling something, but she never did. She never ran, skipped, or spun in circles to get dizzy. She walked.

One day in the park three ravens flew down and settled behind Agnes as she walked. The ravens formed a line and, walking, followed Agnes. The nanny and the governess thought it strange and tried to shoo the ravens away. Agnes turned on them her disapproving stare, and they instantly subsided. The ravens followed Agnes home and lived with her from that day forward. Nothing else changed. Except at night.

Oh, how wild they would fly free, the four ravens.

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