May 12, 2015

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On the outskirts of Flowerland, where everything was always perfect, two giant yellow guardian blooms marched back and forth across their assigned area, ever on the lookout for danger.

‘There’s never any danger,’ complained one. ‘What do you say we head off into the dark wood over there? It looks pretty dangerous.’

‘Well, I don’t know,’ replied the other. ‘Being ever prepared to defend our area from danger is one thing. To go out and seek danger is quite another bowl of pollen. But you know what? You’re right. Let’s go.’

And so the two flowers carefully wrapped their walking roots with spider webs and set off into the wood.

‘Hmm, gets dark in here not being able to see the sun and all,’ said one.

‘So I see, or rather so I don’t see,’ said the other.

A squirrel ran down a tree and stared at the blooms, saying, ‘What’s wrong with you who are you get out these are all my acorns you can’t have any go away now I hate you.’

By the time the squirrel ran back up high into the tree, the blooms were racing homeward as fast as their roots could carry them. And after they arrived safely, they lived content and never left the boring perfection of Flowerland again.

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