July 9, 2015


Once in Egypt when the pyramids were young two royal beetles scuttled at dawn from the palace to the long and lonely road home to the quarry.

‘Well, Eleanor, I tell you, that certainly was a hard day’s night, and that’s a fact,’ said Robert, the larger beetle, and he sheened a most lovely green.

‘I thought it would never end. We worked like dogs, I tell you,’ agreed Eleanor, sheening a green every bit as lovely as Robert’s.

‘Why don’t we give up this royal nonsense, fly across the Nile, and open a magical mystery flavor shop?’ mused Robert.

‘I’m all for it, Robby, my love. Let’s go yesterday and put all our troubles far away. And by the way, just what is a magical mystery flavor shop?’ said Eleanor.

‘Oh, it’ll be wonderful, my precious jewel. I’ve worked it all out in my head. It won’t be long, yeah, it won’t be long,’ said Robert in a dreamy sort of way.

And it wasn’t long before they were across the Nile and settled in their shop. The royal beetles were so glad.

Moral: All you need is love and enough food and adequate shelter.

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