September 9, 2015

quadling owl

The Quadling owl may be found in the hilly country of the southernmost region of Oz. It nests exclusively in red lemon trees. It dines on red scones dipped in red marmalade. Nothing else suits its fancy. Oh, to be sure, now and again it has tried pancakes and blue Munchkin almonds and several varieties of wheat and corn, but always after one unsatisfying bite, the Quadling owl flies off to its favorite red scone tree and a happy dinner of scone and marmalade. I forgot to say that the red marmalade is dipped from a well located precisely in the center of the red lemon tree grove. The Quadling owl is sometimes seen over canyons soaring just for the fun of it. It never speaks unless spoken to, but once spoken to, it has a hard time shutting up. So it’s best to nod politely at the owl and to refrain from saying, ‘Hello.’ And finally, let me emphasize this point with the greatest urgency, do not ever get caught up in a staring contest with the Quadling owl. You will lose, and what’s more, several days will have passed. In summary, the Quadling owl is a most remarkable bird.

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