November 18, 2015
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Reginald Spoonmerry went off to swim

wearing a hat with a vastly wide brim.

The hat, it was blue where it fit on his head,

but the rim all around was immensely quite red.

Shouting ‘Hurrah!’ and ‘Bumpeddy bump!’

Reginald Spoonmerry did in the sea jump.

His hat floated off and sailed out of sight.

Reginald sulked all through the night.

Then he got up and out of the water,

went home and complained to his unsmiling daughter.

‘Oh, daddy,’ she cried. ‘Don’t fret. Our pet spider

has woven a hat with a brim even wider.’

Reginald Spoonmerry leaped all in glee

and nevermore swam with a hat in the sea.

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