June 24, 2017

Once upon a time in the Land of Pie a call went out to all the cherry wedges scattered here to yon and back again to gather at once on the Platter of Display in the Central Courtyard.

‘What can this be about?’ asked Mavis, a slender cherry wedge hurrying through the rhubarb patch.

‘We’ll know when we know,’ answered Helen, the slightly more abundant cherry wedge sister of Mavis.

Before long all 8 wedges of the royal pie had assembled in a proper circular round on the Platter of Display in the Central Courtyard.

Well?’ said 7 of the siblings in unison, directing their attention to sibling number 8, Judd.

The worried Judd responded, ‘The Land of Cake has signed an exclusive treaty with the Land of Ice Cream. We’ve been betrayed!’

‘Oh, is that all? I never liked ice cream anyway. Melting is so unattractive,’ said Helen.

An argument ensued, some calling for arbitration, others agreeing with Helen and urging everybody to go home and forget about it. Some blueberry wedges and a lemon wedge or 2 watched the debate with varying amounts of interest, a lot to none at all. In the end, Helen’s supporters prevailed, and all 8 wedges wandered off to 8 divergent destinations, from Custard City in the north to Crust Village in the south.

In 2 months time, having discovered they no longer could live without pie, the Land of Ice Cream declared the treaty with the Land of Cake nullified.

When the news got to Helen, she turned to her pecan wedge friend, Portia, and said, ‘Who cares?’

‘Not me,’ replied Portia, and she returned her attention to the checkerboard, where she proceeded to jump 2 of Helen’s vanilla tarts with her own chocolate.


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