February 22, 2019

A new story has found a beginning. I am hard at work searching for a middle and an end. Meanwhile, here is the beginning that the new story has found.



Now I am old. The few years I spent as the Earthling girl Reeb to begin my journey fade from memory. My life here as Plumly with sky blue skin in Cloud Castle City on the world of Boad surrounds me. Craggers and hollowites bustle about. The City flies here and there on my whim. Enough of that. I feel a need to tell one more story of my beloved adopted world and to send it as a gift to you people of Earth. It is a simple tale about everything. It began some time ago near Sadlar’s Garden in Clover on the banks of the Greenwilla River. There Ember appeared.


Royal Chronicler of Boad, All Fidd and Leee Combined

Chapter 1

Strange Visitor

Protected by hills of Clover, Sadlar’s Garden grows on the banks of the Greenwilla River.

green the hills

green the river

a cornucopia of colors the garden


Sadlar, oh so very huge, oh so very old, immortal, shaggy, a pair of tusks thrusting up from the lower jaw, 8 short horns gathered in concert on top of the head, great round yellow goggle eyes, tapped a talon on a tusk, gazed at the river, and said, “Sad.”

“sad” meaning “do i see what i see?”

“sad” meaning “i see something strange.”

It floated shoreward. The strange thing. It gathered to shape. Sadlar stared. It stood. Clad in ash gray flitters, it nodded at Sadlar. Black its tangle of hair. Sadlar saw the face and hands pulse, changing color in slow rhythm.







The eyes ever glowed a soft orange. Like an ember.

“Sad sadness Sadlar,” said Sadlar.

“sad sadness sadlar” meaning “i am sadlar. welcome to my garden.”

“I am Ember,” said the strange visitor.

Ember smiled. Pulse the colors.

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