November 11, 2014

4 leaf clover

‘I am splendid, am I not? I can grant wishes, too,’ boasted the 4 leaf clover. ‘My petals are perfect, don’t you think? And there are 4 of them.’

The blades of grass and the 3 leaf clovers all around grumbled and muttered.

‘Petals, she says. Leafs aren’t good enough for her,’ said a nearby 3 leaf clover to a blade of grass.

‘Just wait,’ said the blade. ‘She’ll soon be sorry.’

‘What do you mean?’ said the 3 leaf with a bubble of hope.

There was no time for the blade of grass to reply, for a squeal from on high was quickly followed by a giant hand plucking the 4 leaf clover and carrying it off.

Moral: If you are 4 leafed, keep one hidden just to be safe.

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